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It will help the applicants to determine their productivity; it will save the cost of chalan fees, and the time which is consumed in submitting the chalan only at the BPSC office, Quetta.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad traffic police has introduced a paper-free digital chalan in collaboration with National Bank of Pakistan and JS Bank.
have imposed fine of Rupees 10,500 and chalan of 85 Chingchi owners who are
RTA while briefing about their performance said that they have imposed fine of 10500 Rs and chalan of 85 Chingchi owners who are violating their route permit and not observing traffic rules.
Located on top of a steep hill called Chalan Aniti, or Path of the Ancestors, Fort Soledad offers a bird's eye view of the village below, the rugged coastline, the bay and the majestic southern mountain range.
Four students approach the court of law, saying: 'Due to negligence of PU officials, their classes had not begun as per schedule and chalan forms were not being issued to them.
When I saw the bill I was shocked to see that he had fined me for not wearing a helmet with the car number KA 25 D 2271 mentioned in the chalan," Naveen said, according to a report in The New Indian Express .
Most of the incidents occurred in districts on the Padma River as well as the Chalan Beel, show both the studies.
The first project is the Route 3 widening work to a four-lane highway between Route 28 and Chalan Kareta, for the Guam Department of Public Works, Highways Division and the contract value is about USD44m.
Meanwhile, District Police Officer Mardan Dr Mian Saeed Ahmad has categorically rejected the claim of using delaying tactics in submission of chalan relating to the tragic killing of Mashal Khan on 13th April 2017 on premises of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan.
Moreover, there are outstanding differences regarding the legal basis and manner of the collection of intercepted calls and voice samples, and lingering issues such as the legal consequences of filing a Chalan on the basis of half-baked investigation need deliberation.
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