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 (häl-kē′thē-kē′, KHäl-)
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One proxy was Corcyra, an island off the northwestern coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea, the other Potidaea, a city on the Chalcidic Peninsula, in the Aegean Sea in northeastern Greece.
The topics include Macedonians and other Greeks, the Kingdom of Macedonia and the Chalcidic League, coinage and finance, the ancient city of Aegae, the 360s, Philip and Alexander's Macedon, Philippi, traditional cults and beliefs, Macedonia in Thrace, the reigns of Antigonos Gonatas and Demetrios II, Thessalonike, art in the Roman period 168 BC-337 AD, and early Christianity in Macedonia.
'Of the infantry provided by the Thracians, Eordoi, Bottiaioi, the Chalcidic tribe ([Greek Words Omitted]), ...