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2007), whereas several parasitoids (e.g., Chalcidoidea, Ichneumonoidea) are known for attacking the immatures of gall inducers (Stone et al.
Las avispas Lysiphlebus testaceipes (Cresson, 1880) (Ichneumonoidea: Braconidae) y Pachyneuron aphidis (Bouche, 1834) (Chalcidoidea: Pteromalidae) se registraron en Tamaulipas, emergiendo de pulgones momificados de M.
Annotated Keys to the Genera of Nearctic Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera).
For the adult parasitoids' identification, we used a key for Chalcidoidea families and genera provided by Goulet and Huber [33] as well as an unpublished one compiled by R.
Pickard-Cambridge, 1872) or Cheiracanthium sp.) might enter sacs and eat the eggs or young; the larvae of Mercetina matritensis Bolivar & Pieltain, 1934 (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Eupelmidae) develop within the egg sac and consume the eggs.
bambawalei did not find exact matches on GenBank, however, the nearest sequence matches for both the species belonged to Chalcidoidea, an indication the sequences are valid.
Ormyridae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) of Panama associated with cinipids galls (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae) on Quercus (Fagaceae) species
Titled "Description of a new species of Euderus Haliday from the southeastern United States (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Eulophidae): the crypt-keeper wasp," it was published in the journal ZooKeys, and its team of authors was led by Weinersmith and Scott Egan, who is also an evolutionary biologist at Rice.
Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera): A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen fami lies, with a reclassification of species.