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 (häl-kē′thē-kē′, KHäl-)
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The price for a house elsewhere in Chalkidike was 300 drachmas, (10) another in Olynthos may have cost 203 drachmas, (11) and yet another 4,000 drachmas.
Roscher argued that this could not have been written after Brasidas' amazing forced march through Thessaly to Macedon and Chalkidike.
29) At Delphi, in addition to the bronze portrait that formed part of the naval victory monument, a second portrait of Lysander in marble, with long hair and beard, stood within the Treasury of the Akanthians, together with spoils taken from the Athenians during the Peloponnesian War in the Chalkidike.
Hammond cites F 152 as evidence for Theopompos' account of the destruction of Olynthos and the settlement of the political situation in the Chalkidike.
Cremated fetal remains have been identified in at least two sites in Greece, at Kavousi in Crete and Torone in the Chalkidike, both of which await definitive publication.