Chamber council

a secret council.

See also: Chamber

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Coral Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce, recently integrated with the Coconut Creek Chamber Council, cultivates business relationships and economic growth through networking, advocacy, access & education.
Bridget Blow, Chamber Council member and former Chamber president, said: "It's brilliant news Openreach has selected Birmingham as one of the first cities in the UK to benefit from its 'Fibre First' programme.
Andy Street, West Midlands Mayor; Bridget Blow, Chamber Council member; Clive Selley, CEO Openreach; Kim Mears, Openreach MD for Infrastructure Delivery.
ONE of our Chamber Council members recently drew my attention to the concept of "boom googles", a phrase coined by think-tank leader Neil McInroy.
The President chairs the meetings of the Chamber Council.
As a member of the Audit Chamber Council Lilit Gevorkyan said in the parliament yesterday, in 2014 they are going to
"The Chamber Council has highlighted training and skills as a priority for this year and we are looking at establishing partnerships between employers and educational organisations to increase the skills that employers are looking for.
Either a respectable second chamber council, or we'll cancel it," he said.
Stuart Taylor, head of the Swansea Chamber Council, said: "Lyn has been the face of the Chamber in Swansea and West Wales for longer than she'd care to remember and in that time has worked with countless presidents, board members and chamber colleagues.
In an unprecedented move by the Drogheda and District Chamber of Commerce, the chamber council convened the meeting to discuss the crisis and start a plan of action.
The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan today included two parliamentarians from Ak Jol faction - Melis Mirzakmatov and Bakyt Torobaev - as members of the Audit Chamber Council of Kyrgyzstan.Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy, Budget and Finances Maksat Kunakunov announced the decision of the Committee to include two candidates, Melis Mirzakmatov and Bakyt Torobaev, into Audit Chamber Council.The leader of the Communist party, Iskhak Masaliev, expressed his dissatisfaction with policy of the majority faction Ak Jol, as the parliamentarians from the Communist party were not told that they could nominate their candidates for membership in this Council.