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(ˈtʃɑ mɪk)
a group of Austronesian languages, including Cham and the languages of a number of other peoples of S central Vietnam and adjacent parts of Cambodia.
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In 1966, they joined SIL, and in 1968 moved to Vietnam to do language research among the Chru, an indigenous Chamic (Austronesian) society and other Montagnard communities of the Central Highlands.
It is tempting to see these too as Austronesian loans, as the Bahnaric and Monic divisions of Mon-Khmer are known to have been in contact with languages of the Chamic group.
These sources certainly placed great emphasis on trade and other matters that concerned them; other scholars with a similarly fine grasp of Sanskrit and Chamic may offer complementary insights into the internal mechanisms that drove this system's economy, power structure and culture.
2004) Return to an etymological method: explaining typological change in the history of the Chamic languages.
Heartwood constituents of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis--carvarcol, nootkatin and chamic acid.
Yesterday, the National Federation of Demolition Contractors said they would be investigating the new company, Chamic Demolition Services.
Lyndon Scaffolding, Kinsley and Bolton, Wimtec Environmental, Ritchies, Chamic, Barr Construction, Ogilvie Construction, Miller Fabrication, Spacedecks, Balmoral Stone, RD Ceilings & Partitions, Design Counters, Scobie McIntosh, Vent Master, Television Systems, Tyco Integrated Systems, ADT, Commtech Group, James Scott, Stiell Networks, Stewarts & Co, Fountains Support Services, Hewcon
A cosmopolitan society with a romantic past; an economic and political itinerary of considerable interest to Islamists as well as Asianists; a complex social anthropology, and a distinctive language (strongly affined to the Chamic languages of Cambodia) and expressive tradition: how to do it all justice?
The longhouse--the characteristic residential structure throughout most (but not all) of Borneo--appears nowhere else in the AN world except with one or two Sumatran groups, and among Chamic speakers in Vietnam and Cambodia who have been in intimate contact for centuries with their Mon-Khmer neighbors, some of whom also construct them (Lebar, Hickey, and Musgrave 1964).
The Outward Influence of Chamic into Mon Khmer Speaking Areas".
Directors Michael Hunter, 43, and brother Charles, 40, wound up Scotdem which had debts estimated at pounds 3 million and launched Chamic Demolition Services from the same offices in Gorgie Road, Edinburgh.