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 (shäN-pô-lyôN′), Jean François 1790-1832.
French Egyptologist. Working from the Rosetta stone, in 1822 he became the first person to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics.


(French ʃɑ̃pɔljɔ̃)
(Biography) Jean François (ʒɑ̃ frɑ̃swa). 1790–1832, French Egyptologist, who deciphered the hieroglyphics on the Rosetta stone


(ʃɑ̃ pɔˈlyɔ̃)

Jean François (ʒɑ̃) 1790–1832, French Egyptologist.
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Noun1.Champollion - Frenchman and Egyptologist who studied the Rosetta Stone and in 1821 became the first person to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics (1790-1832)Champollion - Frenchman and Egyptologist who studied the Rosetta Stone and in 1821 became the first person to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics (1790-1832)
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Champollion deciphered the wrinkled granite hieroglyphics.
What Champollion will decipher this hieroglyphic for us, that we may turn over a new leaf at last?
The fact teaches him how Belus was worshipped and how the Pyramids were built, better than the discovery by Champollion of the names of all the workmen and the cost of every tile.
Contract notice: planning, steering and coordination (opc) mission for the development of premises on the jean-franois champollion university site in albi (81000), including the construction of a new building and the development of existing premises, in occupied site.
BEIRUT: Alessandro Ricci's travels to Egypt and Sudan took place a few years before the birth of Egyptology in 1822, the year Jean-Francois Champollion deciphered the hieroglyphs.
HISTORY: The discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799 and its 1822 published translation by Jean-Francois Champollion, led to deeper understanding of ancient Egyptian history and culture.
Then in 1822, French linguist Jean-Francois Champollion submitted a thesis to the 'Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres' in Paris, announcing a breakthrough in deciphering Egyptian inscriptions.
Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed recently revealed that US-based Champollion has finalised the designs for Hala Bahrain's upcoming 300 sqm Arrivals and 2,700 sqm Departures lounges at the new Passenger Terminal Building.
"The first archaeological expedition in the history of Egyptology was a joint French-Italian mission, where famous Italian Egyptologist Ippolito Rosellini worked side by side with Jean-Francois Champollion, the decipherer of Egyptian hieroglyphs," Dr.
The installation can be seen atMashrabia Gallery's main hall, 8 Champollion Street, in downtown Cairo.
However, according to climate scientists Ben Marzeion and Nicolas Champollion from the University of Bremen, along with Georg Kaser and Fabien Maussion from the University of Innsbruck, even if we are successful in achieving the goals set out by the Paris Climate Accord, we would still not be able to prevent further glaciers from melting in this century.
You have recognized this, like Champollion from a single hieroglyph."