Change gear

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1.(Mach.) A gear by means of which the speed of machinery or of a vehicle may be changed while that of the propelling engine or motor remains constant; - called also change-speed gear.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"The team work in the car shows how well we work together as Matt had to have two hands on the wheel, listen to my notes and tell me when to change gear up and down, plus when to use the handbrake".
They have learned that you can only change gear when cycling otherwise you will break your bike.
I love using paddle shifters to change gear, so much so that I've almost forgotten how a clutch works, fortunately for the purists out there, you can also change gear via the gearstick in this model.The safety features are definitely worth a mention and, as expected, there are many to brag about.A plethora of cameras cover virtually every inch of the SUV, projecting all the information onto the screen and making parking and reversing effortless.Another cool feature is the blind spot monitor.
Mr Duncan Smith seems determined to change gear and go into reverse.
There are paddles behind the steering wheel to change gear manually, but having driven this box a couple of times now, there is no need for them.
Basically SRC allows every driver, no matter how skilled, to manually change gear as quickly and smoothly as Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button.
Watch your revs and change gear early where possible.
The system also allows you change gear manually via paddles on the steering wheel or the gear shift but frankly it's such a good automatic I rarely did.
They are designing a computer for pedal cyclists that tells them when to change gear to optimise the power they develop while maintaining comfort.
What's more, on some you don't even need to change gear.
The compact unit keeps floor space to a minimum and features a fully enclosed gearbox drive and single change gear system.
It could allow drivers to change gear or tune the radio with a flick of the wrist and may revolutionise the way we drive our cars.