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 (chăn′tĭ-klîr′, shăn′-)
A rooster.

[Middle English chauntecler, from Old French chantecler, the name of the rooster in the tale of Reynard the Fox : chanter, to sing; see chant + cler, clear; see clear.]


(ˌtʃæntɪˈklɪə) or


(Animals) a name for a cock, used esp in fables
[C13: from Old French Chantecler, from chanter cler to sing clearly]


(ˈtʃæn tɪˌklɪər)

a rooster: used as a proper name in medieval fables.
[1250–1300; Middle English Chauntecler < Old French Chantecler, n. use of v. phrase chante cler sing clear. See chant, clear]


n (old)Hahn m
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My current and all-time favorite breed, which is unique to North America (according to The Livestock Conservancy) and is often overlooked is the Partridge Chantecler.
The Italian jewelers are Roberto Coin, Palmiero, Vhernier, Chantecler, Luca Carati, Pasquale Bruni, Fope, Anna Maria Cammelli, and Mattioli.
En Bogota, Eduardo Arias publicaba El Ariete, Tomas Rodriguez, Chantecler, Moncaleano, Ravachol, C.
Contract winners are Reachpeople, Chantecler Consulting and Hays.
CHANTECLER (Hughie Morrison) HUGHIE MORRISON'S Chantecler was gelded before his debut, but there was not much wrong with his third at Windsor.
Local products are acquiring the label "appellation reservee" by the government of Quebec, such as has been recently the case with the traditional Chantecler chicken.
In addition to harvesting fruit, the Meliens also keep a small herd of Canadienne cows, a cold-hardy heritage breed of which there are only a few hundred in Canada, and Chantecler chickens, also a cold-weather breed.
Pop in for a pricey meal at Le Chantecler, its flagship restaurant, in theatrical 18th century setting with beef filet, grilled foie gras and so on.
For this young Argentine talent, 2012 has been a very active year which started with Tango Pasion on a Tour in Canada, and then he was called to star in Chantecler, a Tango musical along with Mora Godoy, the renowned Tango icon to start a successful season at the Presidente Alvear theater at Calle Corrientes in Buenos Aires which later received multiple awards.