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The alphabetic system of writing used in Korea, invented in the 1400s.

[Korean Hangŭl, great writing : han, great + kŭl, writing.]
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(Letters of the Alphabet (Foreign)) the alphabetic scheme that is used in Korea
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Many of today's leaders in Guizhou, such as Wang Chaowen, the former Governor of Guizhou, are Hmu.
Wang Chaowen, the former Governor of Guizhou Province, for example, is a native of Huangping, Qiandongnan, and is very influential in this region.
The belief that King Ci You was the ancestral king of the Miao is a popular idea in Guizhou and in recent years there has been a movement initiated by Wang Chaowen to build a Miao historical theme park in Qiandongnan to include the statue of King Ci You.
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