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A small book or pamphlet containing poems, ballads, stories, or religious tracts.

[chap(man) + book (so called because it was originally sold by chapmen).]


(Historical Terms) a book of popular ballads, stories, etc, formerly sold by chapmen or pedlars



a small book or pamphlet of tales, ballads, tracts, or poems.
[1790–1800; chap (as in chapman) + book]
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This was an entry on the fly-leaf of a chap-book (one of Patrick Walker's) plainly written by my father's hand and thus conceived: "To my brother Ebenezer on his fifth birthday" Now, what puzzled me was this: That, as my father was of course the younger brother, he must either have made some strange error, or he must have written, before he was yet five, an excellent, clear manly hand of writing.
The Chap-Book, a magazine founded by Harvard undergraduates, was the best known of this type, setting the standard for the type as well as initiating the little magazine movement as a whole.
The Chap-book Chaplets, written and illustrated by Newcastle-born businessman and artist Joseph Crawhall II, will be on display at in the Great North Museum: Hancock's library tomorrow.
Songs on One Page and the New Chap-Book, And very much doubt whether even the most hardened Marlinu aficionados will be familiar with all the songs featured on this CD since they only exist as the composer's autographs, mostly preserved m the archives of the Bohuslav Martinu Centre in Polioka.
Their aspiring publishers were encouraged by the success of Stone and Kimball's Chap-Book, launched in 1894, and, after a brief hiatus at the end of the decade, the number of little magazines exploded.
This reconciliatory position is reflected in the end of the novel, which neither damns Faust as in the medieval chap-book, nor saves him as does Goethe, but adopts an Adorno-like paradox as the form of its conclusion, as ambiguous as the light in the dark, in the final chords of the cantata Doctor Fausti Weheklag, of the 'hope against hope'--derived from Kierkegaard, via Adorno.
The tough nut was always going to be the first Barca: the 'base text', the chap-book Auto de Moralidade of 1517-1518, had to be compared with the Auto do Barco do Inferno, the version published by mestre Gil's children in the 1562 Copilacam.
Book Art covers artist-made books, comics graphic design, fine press work, chap-books and much more.