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A lake of west-central Mexico southeast of Guadalajara. It is the largest lake in the country and a popular resort area.


(tʃəˈpɑ lə)

Lake, the largest lake in Mexico, located in Jalisco state. 651 sq. mi. (1686 sq. km).
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Se puede concluir que la operacion del banco de agua no es una solucion definitiva para el problema del abastecimiento de agua del lago de Chapala y solo debe considerarse como una medida coadyuvante para asegurar un minimo de agua del lago.
Key words: Lerma Chapala Watershed, water, conflicts, public management, governance.
Association of stinking bedbug Oebalus mexicanus with Fusarium moniliform fungus causer of the charred stick in the sorghum ear, in the Chapala marsh, Jalisco, Mexico
Alfredo Menchaca y Manuel Villagomez, del Colectivo Ecologista de Jalisco y presidente de la Fundacion Cuenca Lerma Chapala Santiago, respectivamente, senalaron que en cuestiones de medio ambiente se debe tener sensibilidad y trabajar en estrecha coordinacion con los organismos no gubernamentales, y "Cardenas estuvo muy lejos de la sociedad civil y de los organismos no gubernamentales, fueran ecologistas o fueran damnificados del 22 de abril, por ejemplo, a los que como candidato prometio resolverles sus problemas y jamas lo hizo".
Contract awarded for Purchase of sharpening machine for maintenance of taller ebanisteria of the vocational school of chapala
Sword Of The Lord came from a long way behind Lake Chapala to defy 95 in Perth's 2m novice handicap chase.
Silversides and whitefish of the genus Chirostoma (Atherinopsidae) comprise the most-important native fishery resource in Lake Chapala, Jalisco-Michoacan, Mexico.
It will follow a track similar to Chapala, but this feature will not be nearly as strong", Jason Nicholls, senior meteorologist from Accuweather.
And while it's nothing like superstorm Cyclone Chapala tearing through Yemen, it's making for quite the monochromatic social media feed in MENA.
Muscat: Oman's National Committee for Civil Defence said that it ended the high alert along with other Omani authorities as cyclone Chapala rerouted towards Yemen.
At least 100 people have been injured, 80 houses have been destroyed, 100 houses have been partially damaged, and 10,000 people have been evacuated from coastal areas due to Hurricane Chapala which hit the Island of Socotra, according to the initial statistics given by local security sources.