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 (chăp′lĭn), Sir Charles Spencer Known as "Charlie." 1889-1977.
British-born actor, director, and producer who gained fame for his role as a tramp in baggy trousers and a bowler hat. His productions include The Kid (1921), City Lights (1931), and Modern Times (1936).


(Biography) Sir Charles Spencer, known as Charlie Chaplin. 1889–1977, English comedian, film actor, and director. He is renowned for his portrayal of a downtrodden little man with baggy trousers, bowler hat, and cane. His films, most of which were made in Hollywood, include The Gold Rush (1924), Modern Times (1936), and The Great Dictator (1940)
ˌChaplinˈesque adj


(ˈtʃæp lɪn)

Sir Charles Spencer (Charlie), 1889–1977, English film actor, producer, and director; in the U.S. 1910–52.
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Noun1.Chaplin - English comedian and film makerChaplin - English comedian and film maker; portrayed a downtrodden little man in baggy pants and bowler hat (1889-1977)
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