Chapman John


, John Known as Johnny Ap·ple·seed  (ăp′əl-sēd′) 1775?-1845.
American pioneer and subject of many legends. He traveled widely in the Ohio River valley, planting apple seeds and pruning apple trees.
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CHAPMAN John (Shorty) Peacefully after a short illness on September 24, aged 74 years.
CHAPMAN John (Shorty) There's one thing John, I know its true.
CHAPMAN John (Shorty) A South Bank lad you had it hard, took knocks along the way, With boots too big and skinny legs, you played football ever yday.
30 pm CHAPMAN John Ash Late of Spilbury Croft, Solihull, West Midlands and Ceol Na Mara, Cooscroneen, Union Hall, Co.
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