Chapter head

that which stands at the head of a chapter, as a title.

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Caption: Joining for justice: Stewart and AU chapter head David Marcus
Tulloss, the Los Angeles chapter head of the Al Sharpton-led National Action Network.
Omar Khorasani, the TTP Mohmand chapter head, alleged Tanoli had killed many TTP members and in such situation such reaction was natural.
WWF- India's Sundarbans chapter head Anurag Danda raised questions on wildlife rule violations and other- related issues.
Mr Saif Al Mansouri, Head of the Listed Companies Department at the ADX and Abu Dhabi Chapter Head
Each chapter head is decorated with a small drawing but there are no illustrations in the text.
BDP \u350 anl\u305 urfa chapter head Fatma \u304 zol and PKK leader Abdullah \'d6calan's brother Mehmet \'d6calan made opening speeches during the celebrations.
Arts centres were a new phenomenon in the early '70s and Christine, Bryan and Mik's vision was for a centre that was unique within Wales and beyond, serving the local community and establishing an environment in which all creative disciplines could be housed under one roof," explains Chapter head of marketing, Carol Jones, who has worked at the arts centre since 1989.
a 501(c)(3) qualified organization that promotes entrepreneurship via national and regional events, and currently serves on its Board of Directors and as Boston Chapter Head.
Shortly before the contest, Tokyo and Washington unveiled a bilateral accord to grant the people of Okinawa suffrage in Japan's national elections, which residents had long pushed for, presenting the deal as though it had been the initiative of candidate Junji Nishime, local chapter head of the Liberal Democratic Party.
During the Iowa gathering, CC chapter head lone Dilley spent about half of the time leading attendees in prayer for a successful reorganization and complaining that ousted Iowa CC leader Bobbie Gobel had commandeered the chapter's resources.
For more information, contact MARF Pittsburgh Chapter head Nancy Buszinski, 412-276-0702 (nbusz1@hotmail.