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a genus of algae characterized by plant-like features and found particularly in freshwater areas with a high calcium content
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Noun1.Chara - green algae common in freshwater lakes of limestone districts
protoctist genus - any genus of Protoctista
Characeae, family Characeae - green algae superficially resembling horsetail ferns: stoneworts
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Chara is FROMTRANSYLVANNIA in Romania and had been working at re-enactment festivals across Europe.
Investigation of the molecular structure has shown that Chara myosin is actually a plant myosin having the motor structure like animal myosin and belongs to class XI of the large myosin family and its structure is similar to class V myosin, that is, 41% identical.
Chara was injured Saturday night in Columbus when he collided with Blue Jackets forward Antoine Vermette during a second-period Boston power play.
A team led by Jason Aufdenberg (National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Tucson) used the CHARA Array to measure the angular size of Vega, located 25 light-years away in Lyra.
Mail Chara Koubo isn't the only animated system out there, of course -- though it is the first to customize personal photos with characters.
Maybe it was because the wooden bench Chara was seated on was far too small to accommodate his 6-foot-9, 255-pound frame.
On Wednesday, the NHL exonerated Chara. Although some believe the hit deserved a suspension - perhaps as many as five games - the league saw otherwise.
The 22-year-old player was chasing the puck along the boards in front of the team benches late in the second period when he was checked hard by Chara. His head slammed into the glass partition between the benches.
"I kind of remembered that if I ever get a hat trick, I'll want to do the same, so I thought it was pretty cool," Chara said.
The deal will keep Chara with the Bruins through at least the 2017-18 season, when he will be 41.
With his size, strength and athletic ability, Chara, the son of an Olympic wrestler, could dominate in many sports.
According to a police spokesman, New town police station rounded up Irfan with 2200 grams of charas, Airport police arrested Subhan with 300 gram of charas, Kotli Sattian police held Alam for having 530 gram of charas, Murree police apprehended Atique for having 150 grams of charas, City police arrested Mehran with 5 liter of liquor, Ratta Amral Police apprehended Asif for having 10 liter of liquor while Murree police arrested Touqir and seized 4 bottles of liquor.