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(French ʃardɛ̃)
(Biography) Jean-Baptiste Siméon (ʒɑ̃batist simeɔ̃). 1699–1779, French still-life and genre painter, noted for his subtle use of scumbled colour



1. Jean Baptiste Siméon (ʒɑ̃) 1699–1779, French painter.
2. Pierre Teilhard de, Teilhard de Chardin.
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At the ministry to which Rabourdin belonged there flourished, as general-secretary, a certain Monsieur Clement Chardin des Lupeaulx, one of those men whom the tide of political events sends to the surface for a few years, then engulfs on a stormy night, but whom we find again on a distant shore, tossed up like the carcass of a wrecked ship which still seems to have life in her.
With their eyes fixed on the carnivora, they pay no attention to the reptiles; happily, they abandon to the writers of comedy the shading and colorings of a Chardin des Lupeaulx.
"It would pay," he said, "the keep of a horse." His position, so far as it went, was a good one, and Clement Chardin des Lupeaulx flourished in it like a tree planted in good soil.
But when Stroeve spoke of Chardin it was not without reason, and she reminded me curiously of that pleasant housewife in her mob-cap and apron whom the great painter has immortalised.
There is also a dish that rests, somewhat precariously, against a white jug, almost rocking on its edge; like Chardin's copper cauldron on its side, the tipping of the vessel towards the viewer both adds animation, and displays the painter's skill.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin a doctor of the church--or at least removing the "warning" from his writings--would give the Jesuit scientist and philosopher more legitimacy in the church, his supporters say And two separate petitions to the Vatican aim to do just that.
If plans push through, Duterte will be wearing a barong for the ceremony, one of 12 designed for him by Chardin Davao, a high-end fashion house here.
French Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1951) developed one of the most creative approaches to mysticism in modern times, declares Duffy, and it is unique in being fostered to a remarkable degree by both his love for Earth and his devotion to science, especially the science of evolution.
TONY VAN HEE, SJ, TEILHARD DE CHARDIN PART I, II (CI, December 2014), that he says: "Sadly, Fr.
Bresson's precise, ravishing image of pot and bowl--one thinks of Proust's declaration that "Chardin has taught us...
Taking time; Chardin's Boy building a house of cards and other paintings.