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Cucumis melo


also can·ta·loup  (kăn′tl-ōp′)
1. A variety of melon (Cucumis melo) having a tan rind with netlike ridges and sweet fragrant orange flesh.
2. Any of several other similar melons.

[French cantaloup, from Italian cantalupo (after Cantalupo, a former papal villa near Rome where it was first cultivated in Europe after introduction from Armenia).]


(ˈkæntəˌluːp) or


1. (Plants) a cultivated variety of muskmelon, Cucumis melo cantalupensis, with ribbed warty rind and orange flesh
2. (Plants) any of several other muskmelons
[C18: from French, from Cantaluppi, former papal villa near Rome, where it was first cultivated in Europe]


or can•ta•loup

(ˈkæn tlˌoʊp)

1. a melon with a hard scaly or warty rind, grown in Europe, Asia, and United States.
2. a muskmelon with a reticulated rind and pale-orange flesh.
[1730–40; < French]


A variety of melon with a ribbed rind and orange flesh.
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Noun1.cantaloupe - a variety of muskmelon vine having fruit with a tan rind and orange fleshcantaloupe - a variety of muskmelon vine having fruit with a tan rind and orange flesh
cantaloup, cantaloupe - the fruit of a cantaloup vine; small to medium-sized melon with yellowish flesh
Cucumis melo, muskmelon, sweet melon, sweet melon vine - any of several varieties of vine whose fruit has a netted rind and edible flesh and a musky smell
2.cantaloupe - the fruit of a cantaloup vine; small to medium-sized melon with yellowish flesh
muskmelon, sweet melon - the fruit of a muskmelon vine; any of several sweet melons related to cucumbers
cantaloup, cantaloup vine, cantaloupe, cantaloupe vine, Cucumis melo cantalupensis - a variety of muskmelon vine having fruit with a tan rind and orange flesh
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In Europe, the recommendation is 10% for Cantaloupe, Canary and Orange Flesh, 11% for Pele de sapo, 12% for Galia and 13% for Charentais (Morais et al.
All melons will work here, but Charentais has the fullest flavour.
Ripening-associated biochemical traits of cantaloupe Charentais melons expressing an antisense ACC oxidase transgene.
P of Agriculture, and he added that, this research and test project demonstrated superior fruit quality and a 15% higher yield of Charentais melons versus fertilizer alone in a comparative analysis.
A selection of 19 papers from a conference in Valencia, Spain addresses sustainable tourism from such perspectives as ecotourism principles as a framework for culturally responsive community development, a beach filling model to improve beach management: a case study of the Pertuis Charentais beaches on the French Atlantic coast, sustainability reporting among Swedish tourism service providers: information differences between them, ghosts of the mountains: the role of wildlife conservation in sustainable tourism--a case study of snow leopard conservation and sustainable tourism in Mongolia, and the Sanita district in Naples: community involvement in developing its heritage value.
Charbay Hop Flavored Whiskey--This highly innovative whiskey is double-distilled in a classic alambic Charentais pot still from 20,000 gallons of premium, bottle-ready Pilsner beer, from which master distillers Miles and Marko Karakasevic derive 1,000 gallons of whiskey.
Shellfish farming and coastal zone management development in the Marennes-Oleron Bay and Charentais sounds (Charente Maritime, France): a review of recent developments.
Here it came with a ripe and sweet Charentais melon, peppery rocket leaves and a good, zingy dressing.
within the courtyard there was an orangery; Ferdos was there with a blue silk praying hejab with a tray of charentais melon that she offered them.
Tanned snapper, burnt charentais, compressed cucumber, melon ketchup
Lining the restaurant's redwood benches were crates of Golden Jubilee tomatoes, aromatic Charentais and Ambrosia melons, Silver Queen corn, and slender haricots verts--varieties as alluring to the assembled cooks as precious gems.