Charina bottae

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Noun1.Charina bottae - boa of grasslands and woodlands of western North AmericaCharina bottae - boa of grasslands and woodlands of western North America; looks and feels like rubber with tail and head of similar shape
boa - any of several chiefly tropical constrictors with vestigial hind limbs
Charina, genus Charina - boas of western North America
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Reverse thermoregulatory patterns in nocturnal snakes have been recorded in a small temperate boid, the rubber boa (Charina bottae), and in a nocturnal elapid from southeastern Australia, the broad-headed snake (Hoplocephalus bungaroides).
Elgaria sp., alligator lizard -- 2 -- Boidae Charina bottae, rubber boa x -- -- Charina sp., boa -- -- 1 Colubridae Colubridae genus et species unidentified -- 5 9 Coluber constrictor, racer x -- -- Contia tenuis, sharp-tailed snake x -- -- Diadophis punctatus, ring-necked snake x -- -- Diadophis/Tantilla -- 1 -- Hypsiglena torquata, night snake x -- -- Lampropeltis getula, common kingsnake x -- -- L.
Charina prebottae is very similar to the living genus Charina bottae and was probably directly ancestral to it (Holman 1979).