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Thinkers are more averse to risk than charismatics, but 'interestingly, their thought process is very selective but not always completely methodical,' write Williams and Miller in the Harvard Business Review.
This does not mean, however, that Asian Pentecostals and charismatics are not engaged in any ecumenical work; in fact, they have been actively involved in international ecumenical events and dialogues.
Scholars of China, religion, and social sciences examine Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in China in terms of historical, global, and local contexts; the True Jesus Church as a Chinese Pentecostal denomination; Pentecostal or non-Pentecostal: self-identity and scholarly observation; and new-wave Charismatics in Chinese societies.
Indeed, so successful has this movement been that today there are more Catholic charismatics in Latin America than in any other region of the world.
The world is full of people who look like charismatics and try to act the part, says retired sociologist Rieff, but they are all surface and no depth: we are all mirrors, but mirrors of the mundane world around us rather than of any internal or transcendent spirit.
I mentioned Napoleon and Hitler as two of history's great charismatics and they only head a long list of fanatics, criminals and tyrants who, directly or indirectly, wrought death and destruction.
Charismatics and Pentecostals have a relatively brief history and tradition.
For the purposes of analysis, the editors have decided on three distinctions within the movement: the classical Pentecostals, represented by the early twentieth century denominations and the parachurch organizations that serve them; the charismatics, those with Pentecostal experience and spirituality within the classical Christian churches; and the neocharismatics, ranging from the African Instituted Churches to the nondenominational megachurches.
He sees this difficulty across the spectrum equally afflicting charismatics, evangelicals, Catholics, and social activists.
In the Maritimes, charismatics produce the monthly newspaper The Atlantic Charismatic, in existence now for 19 years.
The first wave was Pentecostalism; the second, the charismatic movement itself; the third was the signs-and-wonders movement associated with the Vineyard churches and the Church Growth movement; and the fourth wave is the hoped for integration of charismatics and evangelicals.
The Catholic charismatics stick to the Catholic liturgy, but with audience-friendly language and activities.