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 (kär′kĭv′, KHär′kēo͝o′) or Khar·kov (kär′kôf′, KHär′kəf)
A city of northeast Ukraine east of Kiev. Founded in the 1600s, it was an important frontier headquarters of Ukrainian Cossacks who were loyal to the Russian czars. Today it is a major industrial center and transportation hub.
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Noun1.Kharkiv - a city in northeastern UkraineKharkiv - a city in northeastern Ukraine; former capital of the Ukraine
Ukraine, Ukrayina - a republic in southeastern Europe; formerly a European soviet; the center of the original Russian state which came into existence in the ninth century
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A full decade before the 2009 CACREP Standards first introduced outcome-based standards, Vacc and Charkow (1999) wrote, "If the counseling profession does not develop a standardized paradigm for evaluation of counselor preparation, those outside the counseling profession may impose criteria .
For permission to print and reprint materials for this issue, we thank Virgil Blackwell and James Kendrick at the Amphion Foundation; Natalie Charkow Hollander; John Ashbery; Paul Zukofslcy; Jonathan W.
Brenley Charkow, who wrote a "Best of Fringe" adaptation of Virginia Woolf's The Waves in 2010, returns with a play she wrote and directed, On the Other Side of the World, about Jewish refugees in China during World War II.
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Author names were coded to determine which authors were the most frequent contributors to JEC using a weighting system proposed by Charkow and Juhnke (2001) in which lead authors were apportioned 3 points, second authors were apportioned 2 points, and subsequent authors apportioned 1 point, yielding a simple tally cumulative total and subsequent ordinal ranking.
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Charkow (1998) explained four factors influencing the grieving process, which include (a) the significance of the lost relationship, (b) the manner in which the death or trauma occurred, (c) the child's personality, (d) and the child's chronological age and developmental level.
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