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Noun1.Charles Dana Gibson - United States illustrator remembered for his creation of the `Gibson girl' (1867-1944)Charles Dana Gibson - United States illustrator remembered for his creation of the `Gibson girl' (1867-1944)
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While Charles Dana Gibson's "The Coming Game: Yale vs.
1, 1893), Jacob Lawrence (Sept 7, 1917), Charles Dana Gibson (Sept.
Twenty-one suggested activities, such as drawing a "Gibson Girl" like 1890's pop artist Charles Dana Gibson used to create to illustrate New York magazines, or pretending to be an urban planner and lay out a city with construction paper and curling ribbon, pepper New York City History for Kids.
"Gibson Girl Illustrations: 200 Royalty-Free Designs" (0486997634, $14.95) showcases the turn-of-the-century illustrations of Charles Dana Gibson who became renowned for his ability to capture the style and spirit of the American woman in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth society.
people conveniently forgot to include it in their press release, Life started life as a humor magazine in 1883 and was relatively successful for its first 50 years (Charles Dana Gibson -- the illustrator of the "Gibson Girl" -- was discovered by Life).
Charles Dana Gibson himself attained a place in the good life of the Girl he depicted.
She was the top model of the time: she even posed for Charles Dana Gibson.
Irene, who was taller than the others, had a dimple in her chin, the bosom of a classic Southern Belle and a twenty-inch waist - Chillie never permitted her admirers to put their arms round it - and she had received sixty-two proposals of marriage before she finally said 'yes' to Charles Dana Gibson, creator of the 'Gibson Girl'.
Here we find a sardonic Charles Dana Gibson sketch ridiculing high society, a photo of the giant toes of the Statue of Liberty, the dark-suited men at the makeshift morgue amidst the remains of those poor girls, the Triangle Shirt Waist fire victims.
Certainly any volume that attempts to compile those vessels has a daunting task, but Charles Dana Gibson and E.

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