Charles Francis Hall

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Noun1.Charles Francis Hall - United States explorer who led three expeditions to the Arctic (1821-1871)
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The true story of the fateful voyage of Polaris, commanded by the American explorer Charles Francis Hall in 1871, remains one of the most extraordinary tales in Arctic history.
In this spirit, Heather Davis-Fisch examines the fascinating "pantomimic" encounter between Charles Francis Hall, in search of evidence of the Franklin expedition in 1869, and Inuits who verbally passed on accounts of their encounters with survivors.
With regard to the five men who disappeared from Martin Frobisher's 1576 expedition, for example, he reminds us that the later reports of Charles Francis Hall, taken from the Inuit, suggest that those sailors were not murdered after all, as is frequently alleged, but lived peaceably for a winter and then tried to sail away home.
One of many unsuccessful polar expeditions, the 1871 attempt is distinctive more because of the mystery surrounding the death of its leader, Charles Francis Hall, than for any accomplishments.
In 1860, American explorer Charles Francis Hall became attached to an Inuit couple from Cumberland Sound, whose names were recorded as "Ebierbing" and "Tookoolito." Ebierbing was surely Ipiirqvik, but the woman's name is not so clear.