Charles Lamb

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Noun1.Charles Lamb - English essayist (1775-1834)Charles Lamb - English essayist (1775-1834)  
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No one indicates better than Charles Lamb, to whose memory Mr.
Charles Lamb, with his infinite tact, attempting to, might have drawn charming pictures of the life of his day; Lord Byron in a stanza of Don Juan, aiming at the impossible, might have achieved the sublime; Oscar Wilde, heaping jewels of Ispahan upon brocades of Byzantium, might have created a troubling beauty.
Yes, I 'll get two tickets as cheap as I can, send a note to Will, poor lad, he needs fun as much as I do, and we 'll go and have a nice time in some corner, as Charles Lamb and his sister used to.
The great qualities of 'The Faerie Queene' are suggested by the title, 'The Poets' Poet,' which Charles Lamb, with happy inspiration, applied to Spenser.
His friends, who by 1803 included Charles Lamb, William Wordsworth, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, encouraged his ambitions as a painter; yet in 1805 he decided to devote himself to metaphysics and the study of philosophy.
In his |Two Races of Men' essay, Charles Lamb assures us that any books lent to Coleridge were likely to be returned |with usury; enriched with annotations, tripling their value'.
21 Cross Hill House, Stanhope, is available to rent on an unfurnished basis, for pounds 600pcm, through Charles Lamb, tel: 0191 281 6200.
Charles Lamb feasting on egg-nog and welsh rarebit with Coleridge in the "Salutation and Cat," or, later on, prompted into ecstasy by Thomas Manning's presents of brawn and snipes.
He became notorious for killing the zoo's Indian rhinoceros and was immortalised in books by Charles Dickens and Charles Lamb.
I'm very disappointed to be excluded," said Australian Ambassador Mr Charles Lamb outside the court.
Hood worked in London as an engraver and became a "sort of sub-editor" of the London Magazine during its heyday, when its circle of brilliant contributors included Charles Lamb, Thomas De Quincey, and William Hazlitt.
Other reviewers stated the novel reminded one of Burton, De Quincy, and Charles Lamb.