Charles Martel

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Charles Mar·tel

 (mär-tĕl′) Known as "the Hammer." 688?-741.
Frankish ruler of Austrasia (715-741) who in 732 halted the European invasion of the Moors. His grandson was Charlemagne.

Charles Martel

(Biography) grandfather of Charlemagne. ?688–741 ad, Frankish ruler of Austrasia (715–41), who checked the Muslim invasion of Europe by defeating the Moors at Poitiers (732)

Charles′ Mar•tel′

(mɑrˈtɛl) n.
a.d. 690?–741, ruler of the Franks 714–741 (grandfather of Charlemagne).
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Anton Ludden is famous for killing the Immigrants of Peterson Sweden while Charles Martel was the general who defeated the Umayyad Caliphate in Spain.
The scrawls also included references to historic battles, including "Tours 732", a nod to the victory in the Battle of Tours of French forces led by Charles Martel, halting the Muslim advance.
| Charles Martel: My horse came second in the Grand National, I wonder if I moan and cry enough, will they re-run it for me so I can have another go?
732: In the Battle of Tours in what is now north-central France, a Frankish army led by Charles Martel won a decisive victory over an army of the Umayyad Caliphate attempting to expand its conquests north from Muslim Hispania.
In Essays Offered to Herbert Putnam, Hanson's successor Charles Martel says that "from the standpoint of the reference service of the library the...placing of Art, Literature, History and Religion at the end, with the physico-mathematical, biological, and social sciences proper preceding, would be a positive disadvantage, whatever interest or speculative value that arrangement might possess from the standpoint of methodology of classification" (Martel 328).
They swept across North Africa and then Spain until they were defeated by Charles Martel at the battle of Tours in 732AD and later expelled from Spain by Isabella and Ferdinand.
In the meanwhile, a Frankish prince, Charles Martel ("Martel" means "the Hammer"), realizing the danger that approached, gathered together a somewhat ragtag army to halt the Muslim advance.
The Arab commander of that battle, Abdul Rahman al-Ghafiqi, was killed and Charles Martel won.
As I was leaving Paris, I prayed for another Charles Martel who would prevent the Arab destruction of the greatest country in Europe.
Other principals of Catholics for Equality include: Anne Underwood, a leader in Maine's Catholics for Marriage Equality; Patsy Trujillo, a former state representative from Santa Fe, N.M.; Eugene McMullan, lead organizer of Catholics for Marriage Equality in California; Charles Martel, a clinical social worker and co-coordinator of Roman Catholics for Marriage Equality in Massachusetts; and Tony Adams, a resigned Catholic priest who writes for Queer New York and South Florida Gay News.
Charles Martel, and her father, John Kacian, was a cabinetmaker at the former Heywood-Wakefield Co.