Charles Peirce

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Noun1.Charles Peirce - United States philosopher and logician; pioneer of pragmatism (1839-1914)
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See generally John Boler, Charles Peirce and Scholastic Realism: a Study of Peirce's Relation to John Duns Scotus (1963); Rosa Maria Perez-Teran Mayorga, From Realism to Realicism: The Metaphysics of Charles Sanders Peirce (2007).
Desde Charles Peirce en adelante, pasando por la obra de Austin, Searle y Grice, el enfasis se ha puesto en los aspectos pragmaticos.
In order to help instructors work with religion as a subject of inquiry in first-years composition courses, Wagner draws on central ideas of such American pragmatists as Charles Peirce, William James, and John Dewey to frame an approach that combines real-world experience, active reflection, possibility, usefulness, and mediation as opposed to compromise.
Cloth $54.95.--Like ice cream, philosophical pragmatism comes in many flavors, from the dark chocolate of Charles Peirce's scientific method to the pink bubblegum of Richard Rorty's postmodemism.
Building upon the work of Charles Peirce, particularly his theory of the logic of science, Mr Turley argues for a new model of scientific lawmaking.
Charles Peirce's Rhetoric and the Pedagogy of Active Learning.
Drawing on the writings of Charles Peirce, Misak proposes a form of pragmatism that sports a "low-profile" conception of truth, one that is deflationary, rejects correspondence, and is nested in human inquiry.