Charles Sanders Peirce

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Noun1.Charles Sanders Peirce - United States philosopher and logician; pioneer of pragmatism (1839-1914)
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Charles Sanders Peirce, the founder of American pragmatism, was on the faculty in the 1880s.
Dobrin (Chair of the Department of English at the University of Florida, where he is also the director of the Trace Innovation Initiative) and Kyle Jensen Associate Professor of English at the University of North Texas) "Abducting Writing Studies" is a collection of twelve essays by experts in the field and organized around the concept of abduction, a logical operation introduced by Charles Sanders Peirce that explains how new ideas are formed in response to an uncertain future.
En 1882, Charles Sanders Peirce senalo que un hombre joven necesita una educacion intelectual y esta se la brinda la logica.
El quinto texto de este volumen es un ensayo reflexivo sobre Teoria Triadica de Charles Sanders Peirce (signo-objeto-interpretante) asociada a las categorias de paisaje cultural y territorio.
The impetus for this book was a review by Keith Ward of Robinson's previous work, God and the World of Signs (2010), which draws heavily on the semiotics of Charles Sanders Peirce.
De otro lado, Charles Sanders Peirce define a la analogia de la misma manera como una inferencia compuesta, con la diferencia de que incluye a la abduccion como el tercer elemento que compone a la analogia.
He and his son Charles Sanders Peirce, the philosopher, were attacking this problem with the mathematics of probability rather than the visual connoisseurship of signature experts.
From Peirce (whose son, the mathematician, geodesist, and philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce, is incorrectly portrayed in the images that appear between pages 140 and 141 of the book), the narrative moves to the turn of the twentieth century when William Fogg Osgood (1864-1943) and Maxime Bocher (1867-1918) brought their German training and research ideals back to a Harvard by then under the leadership of Charles Eliot.
En filosofia el tema de las creencias es un tema poco estudiado, sin embargo hemos encontrado ideas contundentes en el pensamiento de Charles Sanders Peirce y en la epoca moderna en David Hume.
The Philosophy of Communication Division of the National Communication Association has awarded the "Top Book Chapter of the year" to Isaac Catt for his chapter titled, "Korzybski and Charles Sanders Peirce," which appears in Korzybski And .
Este estudio se detiene en 1914, ano que marca el inicio de la I Guerra Mundial y ano tambien del fallecimiento de quien es considerado fundador del pragmatismo filosofico americano, aunque paradojica y sistematicamente marginado por la directiva de la universidad bostoniana, Charles Sanders Peirce.
In addition to being one of the greatest mathematicians of his generation, Charles Sanders Peirce was one of the founders of Pragmatism.