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Noun1.Charles Stuart - son of James I who was King of England and Scotland and Ireland; was deposed and executed by Oliver Cromwell (1600-1649)
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I am Charles II., son of Charles Stuart, who reigned in England, and died on the scaffold."
The family tree (which hangs up at Queen's Crawley) furthermore mentions Charles Stuart, afterwards called Barebones Crawley, son of the Crawley of James the First's time; and finally, Queen Elizabeth's Crawley, who is represented as the foreground of the picture in his forked beard and armour.
The order from Charles Stuart instructing his army to march into England in 1745
1746: The army of Charles Stuart, the Young Pretender 'Bonnie Prince Charlie', was routed by Cumberland at the Battle of Culloden.
A team of scientists and researchers from Charles Stuart University, Australia will impart training to participants.
Last week saw the inaugural Charles Stuart Memorial Meeting in honour of the athletics coach and official.
The winner for September 23 is Charles Stuart of Hamilton.
| 1746: The army of Charles Stuart, the Young Pretender "Bonnie Prince Charlie", was routed by Cumberland at the Battle of Culloden.
DALRYMPLE Marjorie Heather (Marj) Passed away peacefully at the University Hospital of Wales on Oct 1, 2016, aged 88 years; widow of the late Charles Stuart, loving aunt and sister-inlaw, who will be very sadly missed by all her family and friends.
Both spouses (Charles Stuart Wortley, Conservative member of Parliament for Sheffield, later the Hallam constituency, and Caroline Alice Elgar - strange, the similarity of names) condoned the relationship, and the result was a polite gavotte of interaction, including affectionate correspondence, between this social quartet which seemed almost oblivious of the surging undercurrents of the attraction between Elgar and Alice Caroline, whom he affectionately dubbed his Windflower.
Bob and Janet Nelson, owners of the Ross elevator which was built by Civil War Veteran Charles Stuart, received a $25,000 matching grant from the Iowa Barn Foundation and have been raising funds to help restore the 130-year-old grain elevator.