Charles Townes

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Noun1.Charles Townes - United States physicist who developed the laser and maser principles for producing high-intensity radiation (1915-)
physicist - a scientist trained in physics
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Charles Townes, who invented the laser and shared a 1964 Nobel Prize for his work in quantum electronics, has announced that at the age of 99 it's time to wind down his office at UC Berkeley's physics department.
Well-known American alumni include composer Philip Glass, writer Ursula LeGuin, poet John Ashbery, and Nobel Prize winning physicist Charles Townes.
Torrance, Charles Townes, John Walton, Bruce Waltke, Jennifer Wiseman .
Carter followed up his comments by pointing to another article in New Scientist that quoted Nobel prize winner Charles Townes as saying there was no way of knowing how red giants behave at the end of their life cycle.
The book describes how, over three years, teams led by physicist Charles Townes (inventor of the maser, the laser's microwave predecessor) and doctoral student Gordon Gould sought to be the first to extend the physical principles used in the maser to the realm of light amplification, only to be beaten out by Ted Maiman, a little known physicist from California, inventor of a small device that was the first working ruby laser.
This theory was put to the test in 1953 by US Physicist Charles Townes who developed a 'Maser' (Microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation).