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(ˈkær əˌfaɪt)

any green algae of the class Charophyceae (or group Charophyta), comprising the stoneworts.
[< New Latin Charophyta <Char(a) a genus of stoneworts]
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In this work, special importance was given to Charophyta, the only non- spermatophyte included in this study.
An SEM study of developmental variation in oospore wall ornamentation of three Nitella species (Charophyta) in Australia.
Of these, 7 species belongs each to Chlorophyta and Rhodophyta, 2 each to Cyanobacteria and Ochrophyta and 1 to Charophyta. Varied diversity of seaweeds belonging to Charophyta, Chlorophyta, Cyanobacteria, Ochrophyta and Rhodophyta is recorded from three sites.
(1991): Evolutionary Patterns of Clavatoraceae (Charophyta) in the mesogean basins analyzed according to environmental change during Malm and Lower Cretaceous.
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These were Rhodophyta, Euglenophyta, Chrysophyta, Charophyta, Xanthophyta, and Dinoflagellata among algae.
Las llamadas universalmente "plantas acuaticas", tambien conocidas como macrofitas acuaticas o hidrofitas, corresponden a un conjunto de organismos vegetales que incluyen, en un sentido amplio, a las carofitas (Charophyta), musgos y hepaticas (Bryophyta), helechos y grupos afines (Pteridophyta), monocotiledoneas y dicotiledoneas (Magnoliophyta); sin embargo, los estudios floristicos de grandes regiones y paises, se enfocan frecuentemente a las fanerogamas o a las plantas vasculares.