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(French ʃarpɑ̃tje)
1. (Biography) Gustave (ɡystav). 1860–1956, French composer, whose best-known work is the opera Louise (1900)
2. (Biography) Marc-Antoine. ?1645–1704, French composer, best known for his sacred music, particularly the Te Deum


(ʃar pɑ̃ˈtyeɪ)

1. Gustave, 1860–1956, French composer.
2. Marc Antoine, 1634–1704, French composer.
References in classic literature ?
He had stayed at the boarding-house of Madame Charpentier, in Torquay Terrace, Camberwell.
Arthur Charpentier, sub-lieutenant in Her Majesty's navy," cried Gregson, pompously, rubbing his fat hands and inflating his chest.
I next called upon Madame Charpentier," continued the detective.
cried Madame Charpentier, throwing up her hands and sinking back in her chair.
Charpentier paused," the detective continued, "I saw that the whole case hung upon one point.
I found out where Lieutenant Charpentier was, took two officers with me, and arrested him.
The night was so wet that no one was about, so Charpentier dragged the body of his victim into the empty house.
The commander selected twenty men and two officers, Lieutenant D'Arnot and Lieutenant Charpentier.
Saturday: On HBO, Oscar De La Hoya defends his WBC welterweight championship against Patrick Charpentier in El Paso, Texas.
Together we have the potential to drive the adoption of Comverse's advanced mobile applications by giving users richer, interactive, and more desktop-like content," said Frederic Charpentier, President and CTO of BitFlash.
Charpentier shared for the first time last week the unlikely sequence of events and "the rest of the story'' that led to its miraculous, last-minute rescue from the bulldozer.
He should be fighting Trinidad, Ike Quartey, Jose Luis Lopez or Pernell Whitaker (again), not Patrick Charpentier or Yory Boy Campas.