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or cha·rette (shə-rĕt′)
A collaborative planning or design session, often involving interested third parties such as public officials and environmentalists, in which problems relating to a proposed project are discussed and solutions adopted in a limited time frame.

[French, light two-wheeled cart, charrette (from the fact that when 19th-century Parisian architecture students submitted their designs for evaluation, the designs were taken to the exhibition place on such a cart, often while the students added finishing touches en route), from Old French, diminutive of char, cart; see chariot.]
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The city agreed in April to split the cost of a planning charrette -- a workshop to design the project -- with the Shodeen Family Foundation.
The purpose of this paper is to describe how one university/college designed and piloted an event for students, faculty, and external stakeholders based on a charrette model.
A two-day design charrette bringing together community leaders and members and neighboring property owners, as well as professionals in different industries, will be held June 28-29 to come up with a plan to enhance the New Horizons shelter and soup kitchen in Manchester.
The concept is based on proposals set out in the Crucible report by the Design Commission for Wales following a design charrette in 2017.
Snipes developed the first Revolving Real Estate Program in Mississippi and developed a charrette to engage communities in economic development for downtown.
Representatives from Urban Design Associates, the international urban design and architecture firm hired to develop the Greenville's Downtown Master Plan, are in Greenville for a week-long design charrette.
On Monday and Tuesday, the students will divide into teams and participate in a Design Charrette, an intensive period of design used in architectural programs.
A proper OPR charrette led by the CxA can be held over one to three days with all stakeholders and designers.
Perhaps the two most visible outcomes of the design charrette were the process of filling multiple channels from one goods-to-person workstation--Knapp has filed an application for a patent on the solution naming Bingle and Castaldi as contributors--and the unique approach to air conditioning in the facility, which also resulted in significant savings in the solar array.