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n.1.Same as Chartist.
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There was a moral obligation, ANCYL argued, for the ANC, South Africa's oldest liberation movement and current ruling party, to pursue a political and economic agenda to realise the Freedom Charterist vision of South Africa as a country that belonged to all and the people shared in its wealth (ANC 1955).
(17) Borrowed here from the terminology of the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) in South Afrika--which was also a brainchild of the revered Steve Bantu Biko and also as used by South Afrika's Pan-Afrikanist Congress (PAC), which was a breakaway party from the Afrikan National Congress (ANC), initiated by the astitute Robert Sobukwe and other colleagues, which were disappointed mainly by the ANC's charterist (this term was meant to be read as a derogatory term referring to the Freedom Charter which was signed in Kliptown, Soweto, in 1955).
The local branch of COSAS--a Charterist organization that was in line with the ideology of the ANC--was formed on 21 March 1980.
Crow?elds Farm is in Fockbury Road, Dodford, a charterist village dating back to the 19th century, which has a church, school, nursery, village hall and pub.
Whereas BC activists coming under Charterist sway in the late 1970s and early 1980s did so on the ANC's non-racial terms, joiners under Mbeki appeared to find the ANC and ANC-led government congenial places to pursue racial-nationalist agendas.
(25) The National Forum was inaugurated in Pretoria in June 1983, two months before the United Democratic Front was launched, and it opposed the United Democratic Front and the Charterist view of national liberation.
Interventions by Charterist spokespersons in the 1987 annual meeting of the country's leading trade union, COSATU, were criticized along those lines, for example.
The U.D.F., a principal "Charterist" group, was formed with organizational help and political guidance from the A.N.C.
Together with trade union leaders and some remarkable amakhosi, they constituted by then the heart of the Charterist and popular-democratic movement.
the mandate of the formation of Cosas was to revive the so-called progressive movement aligned to the so-called Charterist Movement.
And what the ANC 'Charterists' and the PAC 'Africanists' were in full agreement about was that Robert Sobukwe, formerly of the ANC and the founding president of the PAC, was a brilliant man who died too soon.
One is yet to see the merits of the African-style capitalism for at the moment more than a decade after the "charterists" took control of government, the conditions of the poor seem to be deteriorating.