Chartres Cathedral

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Noun1.Chartres Cathedral - a Gothic cathedral in northern France; built in 13th century
Chartres - a town in northern France that is noted for its Gothic Cathedral
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The famous Black Madonna at Chartres Cathedral, for example, was (https://www.
Providing stunning visual evidence from their anthropological journey throughout Europe and the Middle East, including visits to Roslyn Chapel and Chartres Cathedral, authors Julie and Jerry Brown document the role of visionary plants in Christianity.
At an Athens hotel, Huda, a 23-year-old Syrian from Damascus, is elated to get her first look at France -- images of Chartres Cathedral, brie cheese and famous 16th-century expatriate Leonardo Da Vinci.
Walk the 26-foot Chartres canvas labyrinth patterned after the Chartres Cathedral in France; Anne Gordon, the Sacred Heart labyrinth facilitator, will be available to answer questions; free; call 541-913-3185.
Starting with a definition of art that would preclude photography, electronic media, and most conceptual forms, Kamhi sets about to elevate forms that have moved her in personal experience: works of Paul Gauguin, early 13th-century sculpture in Chartres Cathedral, George Caleb Bingham's 19th-century painting, Fur Traders Descending the Missouri, Pieter Bruegel's Hunters in the Snow and The Harvesters, classic Chinese work, Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk, the "Reindeer" from Font de Gaume cave in France, and others.
The restoration and conservation work at Chartres Cathedral, overseen by the French Ministry for Culture, is proving to be a controversial project.
The Nave holds stained glass windows designed in the tradition of Chartres Cathedral, but made in the United States and France.
I suppose it is possible to prefer scaffolding to the building, but for my taste I prefer the beauty of Chartres Cathedral to its engineering principles.
1 shows one of the northern windows of the Chartres cathedral in France, made in the 13th century.
As they believe that the crown of thorns is on display in Notre Dame Cathedral, that a veil once worn by the Virgin Mary is kept in Chartres Cathedral.
Later this year, in October, the choir will be making a visit to France where they will sing in both Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris and Chartres Cathedral.