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Noun1.Chasid - a member of a Jewish sect that observes a form of strict Orthodox Judaism
Chasidim, Chassidim, Hasidim, Hasidism, Hassidim - a sect of Orthodox Jews that arose out of a pietistic movement originating in eastern Europe in the second half of the 18th century; a sect that follows the Mosaic law strictly
Orthodox Jew - Jew who practices strict observance of Mosaic law
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The film tells about the misadventures of Caliph Chasid of Baghdad and his Grand Vizier Mansor after they buy magic powder from a wizard.
A sad and embarrassing incident occurred Monday morning at Ben-Gurion Airport when a Lubavitcher Chasid asked a Jew to put on tefillin but was verbally assaulted by a woman who asked him to do so elsewhere.
I was not surprised, then, when I read that Joseph Ehrenkranz, the Orthodox rabbi who is director for the Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT, called John Paul II a "chasid," a "tzaddik" ("saint") and "my rebbe." (2) As a child survivor of the Holocaust, I am deeply honored to write an essay to celebrate the sainthood of John Paul II, the most influential spiritual leader of our time--and to do so from a Jewish perspective.
Mark Sadosky, President Doug Chasid. Lifelong Learning Facilitator
Barton categorically asserts "That the verse with the exception of the last clause is the work of a Chasid glossator, must be granted." (27) This position is justified by the "poetic justice" approach contradicting Ecclesiastes' fundamental philosophy.
Here he directs the reader in how to attain the level of "chasid," a person who strives to go beyond the minimal requirements of the law to experience a strong sense of closeness and intimacy with God.
Abducted into orthodoxy, we would have denied her the salvation of her social soul: my son the doctor, or the lawyer; my son who could pass; my son the secret Jew (I had a friend in high school who became a Chasid, much to the derision of my family).
A small publishing house with a funny name, Main Street Rag (is it the title of a ragtime tune by Scott Joplin?), out of North Carolina crowns an observant Jew, a bearded chasid, it seems, who teaches writing at Rutgers, whose poetry book includes a glossary at the end of Jewish religious terms for the benefit of the unfamiliar reader, with its top prize!
Many years ago a Chasid used to travel from shtetl to shtetl selling holy books.
With all these (often comical) confusions, the behavior and belief of the Grandfather, a pious Chasid in the original story, can only deepen the readers' bewilderment about Judaism and Christianity.
Even a member of The Church's Ministry to the Jewish People and a Lubavitch chasid could have a useful" (108)--it is doubtful that either would see any point in it.