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Adj.1.Chasidic - of or relating to the Jewish Hasidim or its members or their beliefs and practices
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The two in Yiddish Motifs not included in The Ghetto are Chasidic Dance and For the Sin Which We Have Committed.
Lynne Lawner, the 18-year-old winner of an 1953 essay contest co-sponsored by the Reform movement's National Federation of Temple Youth and Hebrew Union College, described "strongly rhythmic Chasidic melodies" as part of "[t] he art that is our religion.
Much like the Iranian Jewish American writers, who at once both challenge and continue to perpetuate their exoticism for voyeurism, a recent trend is surfacing in the memoirs by former Chasidic Jewish women.
once Yiddish has taken hold of you and moved you--and Yiddish is everything, the words, the Chasidic melody, and the essential character of this East European Jewish actor himself--you will have forgotten your former reserve.
Last week, The Jewish Chronicle uncovered a letter written in Hebrew that was sent around the community, expressing that female drivers are "something that goes against the laws of modesty within our society, and against the laws of suitable behaviour for parents of our Chasidic institutions.
Saunders's insistence on a Mozart minuet, he sings "'Der Rebbe Hat Geheison Froelich Sein," a Chasidic ditty in Yiddish, translated as "The rabbi has commanded that we be merry" (Blumenfeld 110, 112).
Leiby Kletzky was an 8-year-old Chasidic child from Brooklyn.
60) The content of Graham's religion did not concern the magazine: with the exception of the single mention of receiving Christ, the article might as well have been describing the preaching tour of a Hindu Sanyassi, Chasidic Rebbe, or Muslim Imam.
The Spinka Rebbe, head of a Chasidic dynasty, is convicted of money laundering?
The Chasidic masters taught that one can understand the locus of enslavement, Mitzrayim (normally read as the land of Egypt), to be any constricted state of mind, a narrowing of consciousness in which we are blind to our choices.
The suit involves a conflict that began in 2004, when Merkos and Agudas sue= d individuals connected with the messianist congregation for defacing a pla= que Merkos installed outside the synagogue that used the term "of blessed m= emory" to refer to the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Chasidic = movement's longtime rebbe.
Rabbi Fogelman, who has earned advanced degrees in Jewish day school administration and Chasidic philosophy in New York, came to Worcester in 1942 and proceeded to organize Chabad houses in Framingham, Westboro, Natick, Milford, Sudbury and Wellesley.