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Adj.1.Chasidic - of or relating to the Jewish Hasidim or its members or their beliefs and practices
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More than any other rabbinic figure he is considered a sort of Chasidic rebbe for Litvish ("Yeshivish," non-Chasidic) Jewry; multitudes come to receive his blessing, hear his advice, and ask him to pray for them and theirs.
Award-winning storyteller Susan Stone will share Chasidic and folkloric tales from the Jewish tradition accompanied by Sophie Creutz on clarinet.
A better rendering of k'mokha, translated as "as yourself," is "that is what you are." In other words, "you shall love the stranger, because your love for the stranger is who you are." On this basis, we have the Chasidic teaching that this love for the other human being--for the stranger--is the foundation of Torah (Toledot Yaakov Yosef, Korach 2).
The two in Yiddish Motifs not included in The Ghetto are Chasidic Dance and For the Sin Which We Have Committed.
However, Steinsaltz notes that even though this story may suggest that Habad is more attuned to the emotional than the intellectual, the opposite is the case: "Other Chasidic groups emphasize the experiential over the intellectual; for most, Chasidut is lived, not so much studied...
Lynne Lawner, the 18-year-old winner of an 1953 essay contest co-sponsored by the Reform movement's National Federation of Temple Youth and Hebrew Union College, described "strongly rhythmic Chasidic melodies" as part of "[t] he art that is our religion." (33) Major composers for the Reform synagogue, including Isadore Freed, Charles Davidson, and Lazar Weiner, created and published "Hassidic" Friday evening services for their synagogues, scored for cantor, choir and organ; Rabbi Judah Cahn, then of Long Island's Temple Israel, noted in his introduction to the publication of Freed's service that "[the] seeming paradox of Hassidic music in a Liberal American Temple" could be explained as appealing to Hasidic "joy" as a counterweight to Reform's intellectualism.
Much like the Iranian Jewish American writers, who at once both challenge and continue to perpetuate their exoticism for voyeurism, a recent trend is surfacing in the memoirs by former Chasidic Jewish women.
Saunders's insistence on a Mozart minuet, he sings "'Der Rebbe Hat Geheison Froelich Sein," a Chasidic ditty in Yiddish, translated as "The rabbi has commanded that we be merry" (Blumenfeld 110, 112).
Leiby Kletzky was an 8-year-old Chasidic child from Brooklyn.
(60) The content of Graham's religion did not concern the magazine: with the exception of the single mention of receiving Christ, the article might as well have been describing the preaching tour of a Hindu Sanyassi, Chasidic Rebbe, or Muslim Imam.
The Spinka Rebbe, head of a Chasidic dynasty, is convicted of money laundering?