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n.1.A white grape, esteemed for the table.
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In a field trial with seven scions (Gamay, Chasselas, Ehrenfelser, Reichensteiner, Egiodola, Perdea and Rousanne) grown on their own roots and on five different rootstocks (S04, Schwarzmann, 1103 Paulsen, Ramsey and Dogridge), a wide range in vine vigor was observed that was conferred primarily through the rootstock.
Moreover, the varieties grown here are mainly wine grapes (Aligote, Feteasca Regala, Saint Emilion, Rkatiteli, Rosioara, Babeasca Neagra and Sangiovese) and to a lesser extent table grapes (Perla de Csaba, Cardinal, Chasselas dore, Muscat de Adda, Coarn?
Here I learned that nearly 97 per cent of the wines made in the region are white - with grape varieties including Chasselas, Kerner and Kraljevina.
It was about men drinking Chateau de Chasselas wine and reminiscing about their childhood - drinking cold tea, without milk, sugar.
The white grape chasselas is grown across Europe and particularly Switzerland where it's considered the perfect match for cheesy fondue.
It is a real shame as some of the rarer grape varieties, including gamaret and chasselas, make the most exquisite wines with real depth of flavour.
At La Florentin in Moissac''s cobbled square, in the shadow of the floodlit abbey we enjoyed foie gras salad dressed with local chasselas grapes, and tender tuna loin.
To discover a lesser known side to Switzerland, hop on board the Wine Train in Montreux which takes you cross vineyards, charming villages and the region's picture-perfect lakes and valleys, sampling some fine appellations - including Chasselas Grand Cru - along the way.
On vines laden with plump Chasselas grapes, a corpulent bumble bee gorged on their sweet, tart juice.
The remaining vineyard space is divided among Muscat, Chasselas, and the ubiquitous Chardonnay.
Also popular are the blends that many of the producers are making from muscadet mixed with other local grapes such as chasselas and others.
If there is an ultimate spring/summer wine, this is it; gorgeous perfumed nose with a relatively dry finish; from Alsace, and made of 60% Pinot Blanc, 15% Muscat, 15% Chasselas and 10% Riesling.