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n.1.A white grape, esteemed for the table.
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Pristine white painted stone walls ran through vineyards dominated by the Chasselas grape, a typical white variety of the region that produced a dry, subtle wine.
He also spoke of the mysterious Chasselas grape, little known outside the region.
Most of the estate is given over to the white Chasselas grape, the most common in Switzerland, which is very well suited to the vineyard's chalky/clay soil.
White wine is the speciality in these areas, the Chasselas grape the most popular grape.
The Chasselas grape, however, is losing ground in this region.
At La Florentin in Moissac''s cobbled square, in the shadow of the floodlit abbey we enjoyed foie gras salad dressed with local chasselas grapes, and tender tuna loin.
We've been back to Cardinal to eat mussels and sip wine made with chasselas grapes grown in Auvernier, one of the historic little lakeside villages just minutes away by tram.
2] treated clusters, compared to untreated control, using Chasselas grapes which are very sensitive to Botrytis rots [11].