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1. Any of certain light cavalry or infantry troops trained for rapid maneuvers.
2. A hunter.
3. A uniformed footman.

[French, from Old French chaceor, from chacier, to pursue; see chase1.]


(ʃæˈsɜː; French ʃasœr)
1. (Military) French army a member of a unit specially trained and equipped for swift deployment
2. (in some parts of Europe, esp formerly) a uniformed attendant, esp one in the livery of a huntsman
(Cookery) (often postpositive) designating or cooked in a sauce consisting of white wine and mushrooms
[C18: from French: huntsman]



1. one of a body of French cavalry or infantry troops trained for rapid movement.
2. a liveried servant, esp. a footman.
3. a hunter.
[1790–1800; < French: literally, chaser; see chase1, -eur]
References in classic literature ?
I am the wife of the doctor of the Seventh Chasseurs.
Je suis capitaine de chasseurs (Heyward well knew that the other was of a regiment in the line); j'ai ici, avec moi, les filles du commandant de la fortification.
At a quarter to ten, a valet entered; he composed, with a little groom named John, and who only spoke English, all Albert's establishment, although the cook of the hotel was always at his service, and on great occasions the count's chasseur also.
Very well, but even if we admit that he was alive in 1812, can one believe that a French chasseur pointed a cannon at him for a lark, and shot his left leg off?
Tapeworm had just walked off, enveloped in his cloak, with which his gigantic chasseur was always in attendance, and looking as much as possible like Don Juan.
The minister's chasseur came up to find the coachman.
Ces frappes americaines ont neutralise 14 chasseurs bombardiers du regime.
EC cet egard, on fera etat de la grogne des chasseurs de la region Souss Massa contre une recente decision administrative qu'ils jugent arbitraire et attentatoire a l'equite dans ce domaine.
Deux chasseurs F-16 turcs ont abattu, hier matin, dans une zone montagneuse du nord de la province de Lattaquie, ou les forces gouvernementales syriennes combattent la rebellion, un Sukhoi Su-24 de l'armee russe qui se trouvait a 6.
One gallery, painted the shade of pastel green that museums seem to reserve for historic masterworks, contained a framed reproduction of Gericault's Officier de chasseurs a cheval de la garde imperiale chargeant (The Charging Chasseur), 1812.
Chez les chasseurs occidentaux, plusieurs travaux ont egalement contribue a montrer la complexite de la relation a la proie et le caractere seulement apparent du desenchantement des pratiques cynegetiques (2).
L'evacuation vers la Tunisie, le 26 juillet, de ressortissants americains detenus a Tripoli a necessite le recours a des drones, a des chasseurs F-16 et a un escadron de marines.