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 (KHä′sĭd, KHô′-, hä′-)
Variant of Hasid.

Chas·si′dic adj.
Chas·si′dism n.
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Adj.1.Chassidic - of or relating to the Jewish Hasidim or its members or their beliefs and practices
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Reb Elimelech and the Chassidic Legacy of Brotherhood
At the afterparty (in the Veacute#269ko club), Slovak Folks and Brass Orchestra will entertain guests, together with local DJ Julah and Ukrainian Stephen Budd.Sunday, September 16, offers the music once typical for the Jewish communities in central and eastern Europe, with Chassidic Songs as performed by the Myers-Lenko-Luptaacutek-Valent group in the historical Zichy Palace at 15:30.Thirty minutes later, the Central-European Showcase will bring together three musical shows from this region to an open-air concert in Hviezdoslavovo Square.
According to Yeshiva, the Rebbe - the name given to leaders of the Chassidic Jewish movement - had made a speech about the "dangers" of smartphones and said he would be burning one.
Commentaries from the Lubavitcher Rebbe have been incorporated in a concise way into the Haggadah, providing the children with a true Chassidic experience of the Seder.
(44.) Assaf, "Hasidism in Tsarist Russia," 150; Norbert Gleszer, "Pilgrimages in Jewish Folk Religion in Hungary-From the Chassidic Courts to the Virtual Communities," Acta Ethnographica Hungarica 51 (2006): 91-104.
The State Constitutional Commentary half of the issue begins with Gerald Benjamin, who decries the lack of serious progress toward the development of regional governance in the Hudson Valley of New York, where the needs of Chassidic school children are thereby underserved.
Montreal, Canada, November 02, 2016 --( 8th House Publishing is proud to announce the release and availability of Abraham Boyarsky's novel "The Chassidic Trauma Unit." The book is now available through the publisher and through major retailers the world over and online at, Barnes&Noble, Chapters and other online distributors; see their web site (8thHousePublishing[dot]com) for ordering details and links.
Professor Sid Leiman has shown that chassidic masters, who stress the importance of self-improvement, have treasured the anecdote (although R.
And we should not overlook the vital spiritual component in various aspects of the Abrahamic religions, including the current fascination with the Jewish Kabbalah, and the growth of Chassidic Judaism, which has been referred to as mysticism for the masses, the Islamic spiritual movements such as Sufism, the Baha'i faith, and Christian traditions such as the Pentecostal and Quaker practices.
Synopsis: For twenty-five years, Rabbi Tovia Halberstam, a scion of leading Chassidic dynasties, told riveting Chassidic tales to an audience of thousands on the Yiddish radio in New York.
Townsend then drew on the idea of friendship being a recognition of each other's pain, using a story from the Maggid of Metzritch, a traditional Jewish Chassidic figure, to justify the means by which the US opines on Israeli-Palestinian relations.