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 (KHä′sĭd, KHô′-, hä′-)
Variant of Hasid.

Chas·si′dic adj.
Chas·si′dism n.
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Noun1.Chassidism - beliefs and practices of a sect of Orthodox Jews
Orthodox Judaism - beliefs and practices of a Judaic sect that strictly observes Mosaic law
Chabad Hasidism, Chabad - a form of Hasidism practiced by Lithuanian and Russian Jews under communist rule; the beliefs and practices of the Lubavitch movement
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It opened by linking present and past, with the timelessness (and timeliness) of a Hasidic outlook: "Shlomo Carlebach is at once a trend and a tradition, a remarkable musical experience: remarkable in that he is able to reflect the cherished radiance of Chassidism with such simplicity and ease, remarkable in that he can kindle a new fire in many a young, estranged and hungry heart." The notes closed by invoking the Baal Shem Tov and Nachman of Bratzlav, before noting: "In his own way, Shlomo seeks to follow their road." (48)
She tells Mickey her name is Hopalong Cassidy and that she's a real cowgirl and in return he tells her that his name is Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov--"the master of the good name," and the founder of Chassidism. Curiously, he then, cradling his dead brother's things, tells her a Chassidic tale.