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Farr be it, that I should write thee sin or blame, Or think thee unbefitting holiest place, Perpetual Fountain of Domestic sweets, Whose Bed is undefil'd and chast pronounc't, Present, or past, as Saints and Patriarchs us'd.
Chast's memoir, a multimedia text composed partly of hand-written prose and partly of hand-drawn cartoons, is also interspersed with family photos, typed and hand-written poems, pie charts, tables, lists, and sketches in pen-and-ink.
Chast's witty illustrations complement the text well.
The saint reiterates that she is 'contract and wedded to Christ' and that angels sing 'Chast Hallelujahs...
The result: Cartoonist Roz Chast talks about her first New York apartment, actress Julianne Moore discusses decoupage eggs and scholar Alan Dershowitz remembers Nuremberg chief prosecutor Telford Taylor.
Among highlights we feature are our visits with actor Fyvush Finkel; illustrator and author Roz Chast; Silver Jews' frontman David Berman; tourists en route to the Statue of Liberty; South African justice Albie Sachs; attendees at an annual deli luncheon in a small Mississippi town; Israeli musician Noam Inbar; and West Side Story aficionado Alisa Solomon.
Blending cartoons, drawings, and handwritten prose, Chast humorously chronicles the years she spent trying to care for her elderly parents--her stubborn, domineering mother and her increasingly addled father.
(The project was by Jiwon Choi, then a furniture design student, working with Lane Myer from the sculpture faculty.) Now the shelves hold books by RISD alumni, including Roz Chast and Shepard Fairey.
As described in renowned cartoonist Roz Chast's graphic memoir about her aging parents, Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?, discussing death can be daunting.
Roz Chast. Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant?