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A bot that mimics human conversation, either surreptitiously as for the purpose of phishing, or openly as in an automated customer-service capacity.

[chat + bot.]


(Computer Science) a computer program in the form of a virtual e-mail correspondent that can reply to messages from computer users
[C20: from chat1 + (ro)bot]
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Through a specially crafted Kik AI chat bot, Kik users can simply send a message to ClipDisBot, and the bot instantly replies to the user with an audible mashup video of the user's original message.
For the first time in its 65-year history, a chat bot in 2014 passed this test, convincing a panel of humans that it is a human.
The description clearly informs the user that one of the core functionalities of the app is chat, which requires two-way communication, where Angela (a chat bot, not a real person).
Vodafone Portugal's implementation of eGain Service includes web self-service, knowledge management, email, an innovative chat bot and live web chat.
Chat Bot asked what type of food I liked (after I inanely asked it what snack food it liked--I did say arbitrary), and I replied "animal crackers" (I prefer frosted over plain or iced).
He will discuss how to build a personalized robot (using an open-source chat bot called Hubot Variable Threat Response) for rapid response, automation, collaboration, reverse engineering, defense tasks (and finding cat pictures) on the web.
com is the developer of a simulated live chat tool that offers a customizable interface allowing consumers to ask pertinent questions to an artificial intelligence based "live chat bot.