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(Education) (in the US, formerly) a summer school or educational meeting held in the summer
[C19: named after Chautauqua, a lake in New York near which such a school was first held]


(ʃəˈtɔ kwə, tʃə-)

1. Lake, a lake in SW New York. 18 mi. (29 km) long.
2. a village on this lake: summer educational center.
3. the annual summer meetings of this center, with public lectures, concerts, etc.
4. (usu. l.c.) a similar assembly elsewhere.


 an educational assembly modelled on that at Lake Chautauqua, 1874.
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One place that's always had some true toads and still does, from what I'm hearing, is Chatauqua Lake in western New York.
Economy: Beyond a Quick Fix," Chatauqua Lecture Series, Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2011, http://www.
I must not forget the fact that I saw Ku Klux Klan crosses on the hill one night when I was playing in a Chatauqua tent.
He will be teaching at the Chatauqua Institute this summer.
The Chatauqua movement: Revolution in popular higher education.
A centerpiece of the Baltzley brothers' Chatauqua site was an 8,000-seat amphitheater that was one of the country's largest auditoriums at the time.
People of no particular religious affiliation began to settle in Pacific Grove, more or less closing its brief history as a Chatauqua of the West.
The drama took place on a New York-bound Chatauqua Airlines flight from Asheville, North Carolina, and began when the pilot decided to take a bathroom break before landing.
The incident took place on a Chatauqua Airlines flight from North Carolina, which was in a holding pattern above LaGuardia when the pilot decided he needed the toilet.
After extensive research we found that the best sources of ash lumber for the application of baseball bats offering strength, flexibility and the desired weight came from a county in northern Pennsylvania, and Cattaraugus and Chatauqua counties in New York.
The region's cultural pluralism and creolization of sounds and dance steps have also been influenced by the many different kinds of musicians touring the region and working the dance hall, vaudeville, and Chatauqua circuits.
She also served on the Chatauqua Planning Committee for 2 years.