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Primitive communism, chattel slavery, serf slavery, and wage slavery were necessary stepping-stones in the evolution of society.
They have purchased your slave judges, they have debauched your slave legislatures, and they have forced to worse horrors than chattel slavery your slave boys and girls.
Here was a population, low-class and mostly foreign, hanging always on the verge of starvation, and dependent for its opportunities of life upon the whim of men every bit as brutal and unscrupulous as the old-time slave drivers; under such circumstances immorality was exactly as inevitable, and as prevalent, as it was under the system of chattel slavery.
Economic inequality is the great albatross of the black community, and the enduring legacy of chattel slavery, Jim Crow, and the invisible yokes of nepotism, classism, glass ceilings and a variety of other euphemisms describing the old boy system.
Despite their dedication, after having been brutally exploited through centuries of chattel slavery, the report found that black women's "contributions to the U.
Why did chattel slavery as an economic institution end, and what were the material historical conditions that necessitated the transition from Wall Street to Wall Street?
It explores the Revolution from his perspective and life events, as well as his life before the Revolution, his art, family politics, the labor of art, and the dark side of liberty, including chattel slavery, which he practiced.
Although chattel slavery is illegal today, the mental habits traditionally designated as servile are more prevalent than ever before.
The original police departments in the South grew from "slave patrols," formed to enforce the lucrative system of chattel slavery, and later to uphold the cruel segregation of Jim Crow laws.
Plantation slave drivers and overseers have been replaced by public prosecutors and militarized police, and the human right to life, denied Africans during the 400 years of the barbarity called chattel slavery, continues to be contested.
Thus, the challenge has been to determine what factors led Englishmen, who were largely unfamiliar with chattel slavery, to embrace it in the plantation colonies.
In the course of eliminating chattel slavery, the United States fought a horrendously destructive, fratricidal war--and ushered in a new era of centralized executive power in Washington.