Chattels real

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(Law) such chattels as are annexed to, or savor of, the realty, as terms for years of land. See Chattel.

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(3) "Chattels are divided into chattels real and chattels personal; chattels real being interests in land which devolve after the manner of personal estate, as leaseholds.
Less successful are Nina Goudie's largely descriptive treatment of the northern circuit of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland in the early nineteenth century, Trudi Johnson's examination of inheritance and the Chattels Real Act of 1834, Michele Stairs's examination of intestacy law, Willeen Keough's treatment of plebeian women in the courts, Krista Simon's survey of women in the court of the Placentia District, and Laura Brown's discussion of the legal status of women in Newfoundland at the time of Confederation.