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A bot that mimics human conversation, either surreptitiously as for the purpose of phishing, or openly as in an automated customer-service capacity.

[chat + bot.]


(Computer Science) a computer program in the form of a virtual e-mail correspondent that can reply to messages from computer users
[C20: from chat1 + (ro)bot]
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As an example, Microsoft Tay, an AI chatterbot released on Twitter in March of 2016, was capable of producing over 95,000 Tweets, 35,000 direct messages, and a lot of internet traffic in under 24 hours without any human intervention on the software side.
In fact, the efforts have been on since 1950s when the first chatterbot actually came up in 1966.
The widely reported triumph of the chatterbot Eugene Goostman in fooling 10 out of 30 judges to judge, after a five-minute conversation, that it was human (University of Reading 2014), was due precisely to the system's facility for this kind of shallow conversation.
Un Chatterbot es un programa de ordenador que intenta simular a un ser humano en la conversacion con otras personas.
Para melhorar a apresentacao dos imoveis, foi integrado ao chatterbot a tecnica de RBC, que realizara operacoes para buscar os imoveis mais similares de acordo com as caracteristicas informadas pelo cliente.
Nor can a chatterbot, a list of FAQs, a customer chat group or a users manual.
A chatterbot is a programme that attempts to simulate conversation, the aim being to at least temporarily fool you into thinking you are actually talking to another person.
Wikipedia says, "A chatterbot (also known as a talkbot, chatbot, Bot, chatterbox, Artificial Conversational Entity) is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods.
After reading through the two arguments, you're offered a free copy of the educational chatterbot Elizabeth--an amusing example of a natural language processing program that will discuss almost anything with you for hours on end.
Different terms have been used to denote chatbot systems: machine conversation system, virtual agent and chatterbot.
Tinholt and Nijholt tested this method on chatterbot transcripts and story texts, comparing its identification of joke opportunities with a manual annotation of the texts.