chattering class

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chat′tering class`

well-educated members of the upper-middle or upper class who readily opine on current issues.
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In any case, this nearly 2,700-word Q&A, which deals expressly with his time in the service, provides the chattering class with a window into the largely unknown 60-year-old's character and values.
Now the paper has extended its online lie detector to the punditocracy, examining the claims of the right and left members of the chattering class.
Matthews may have been the first member of the American chattering class to give his heart to Castro, but unfortunately he wasn't the last.
The self-important chattering class of Washington insists that you only have credibility as a critic of the war if you were for it in the first place.
In Australia, the chattering class was more directly associated with a "progressive" ideology.
However, apart from providing the chattering class with a convenient talking point, the failure of Foolproof means very little except that Phillips has suffered a career setback after his promising debut feature, Treed Murray.
Instead, Harper relies almost exclusively on the work of the early modem chattering class, the Fieldings, Defoes and a host of social observers, leavened with the occasional Parliamentary report.
That's what the local chattering class has been talking about since The Vancouver Sun in British Columbia became victim of an old-media hacking.
It is a half-baked idea being cooked up by an unholy alliance of trendy "thinkers", the Scottish political chattering class and the Nationalists.
The chattering class are holding a sponsored SILENCE to raise funds to help release Corky - facing her 30th year in a tourist marine park in California.