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n.1.(Zool.) a lynxlike animal of Asia and Africa (Lynx Lybicus).
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Camuto Consulting paid USD0.21 (EUR0.17) per share in cash for the stock not held by the Chaus family.
Women's clothing company Bernard Chaus Inc (OTCBB:CHBD) has received a "going private" offer from Camuto Consulting Inc, the company disclosed on Friday.
Ting Hung Yi, Chief Executive Officer of China Ting Group Holdings Limited, said, "Chaus has long been a valued customer and commercial partner.
Dropping mechanism of remelting of consumable electrode, at which the material in small portions (drops) is conveyed from the consumable electrode through a slag pool to forming ingot, provides the high density and lower level of structural heterogeneity in HSS (Chaus et al., 1997) even though the diameter of ingot is larger than 100 mm.
In addition, Chaus has entered into a memorandum of understanding with shareholders, Kenneth Braun and Barry Berkowitz, to settle their litigation against the previous transaction.Country: USASector: Clothing/TextilesTarget: Bernard Chaus IncBuyer: Vince CamutoVendor: Barry Berkowitz, Other shareholders, Kenneth Braun
Chaus signed a Nautica license in 1995 and began deliveries in August 1996.
Bernard Chaus plans to use this space as general, executive and administrative offices, as well as a showroom.
The offer targets the shareholders of Bernard Chaus, apart from the Chaus family, China Ting Group and Camuto itself.
Bob Savitt acted on behalf of the ownership and also represented Chaus in the negotiations.
"Logistics companies are a crucial part of business today," says Jeff Chaus, president of Chaus.
Prime tenants include the Metropolitan Transit Authority, Bernard Chaus Inc., University Sports Publications, New York Elevator Company and Vanguard Direct.
This lease encompassed all of the remaining available space in this building, which enabled its owner to secure favorable long-term financing, Chaus Realty was the, co-broker.