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Noun1.Rupert Brooke - English lyric poet (1887-1915)
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The UK Registry Duties Paid of Apprentices Indentures, 1710-1811 has a record of payment made on May 30, 1761 when a Simon Chawner is apprenticed to Bartlams, who is described as "Potter of Lane Delph, Staffordshire".
Winifred married Samuel Chawner in 1947, they had no children and they eventually moved to Devon.
Rupert Chawner Brooke, an English poet who participated in First World War on Turkish Front wrote the poem "The Soldier";
Tom Downing, Deloitte; Brian Chawner, SSP Group Ltd; Graham Champken, Infor Global Solutions UK Ltd; Graham Tongue, Delta Tax Services.
George Adams was married to Mary Chawner and last in the Chawner dynasty of silversmiths.
WHEN 18 stone Emma Chawner auditioned for The X Factor little did she think her whole family would become BIG TV stars.
329 The number of Biddulph Moor Wanderers matches played with Steve Malkin as manager before he stepped aside for Lee Chawner to take over.
Lorraine urges former X Factor contestant Emma Chawner and family to lose weight
EVERYONE who auditions for The X Factor dreams of fame, but Emma Chawner probably wasn't expecting her appearance on the show, warbling My Heart Will Go On in what appeared to be a bridesmaid dress, would result in her whole family being splashed across the papers.
Lorraine Kelly takes on the fattest family in the UK - the Chawner family - in her new six-part series, Lorraine Kelly's Big Fat Challenge, which begins on January 12 on the Bio Channel.
The team, which has only lost three games in the last four years, comprised Lee Wall, Connor Higgins, Lewis Exley, Nathan Johnstone, Lance McGlen, Dean Thompson, Sam Norris, Michael Barrett, David Luke, Ben Sayer, Dennis Knight, Liam McNamara, Lewis Howlett, Ben Gabrial, Connor Patton and Jordan Chawner.
Colin Chawner, commercial director of Darlington-based